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Home City Of FIFA Will Soon Have A Football Stadium

FIFA is the governing body of the football sport which is known all over the globe. Ironically, its home city which is in Zurich does not have the biggest football stadium in the world let alone its own football stadium yet. In a recent announcement, the city said that they have positive result during the local referendum therefore they are now on their way to building a purpose-built stadium.

More than half of the voters, exactly 54 per cent, agreed to the proposal set by the Zurich government. The stadium will have a seating capacity of 18,000 and it will be constructed on what used to be the Hardturm ground. It has closed down many years ago and was abolished back in 2007.

According to the city, the stadium will be used by two football clubs – the FC Zurich and the Grasshoppers – which are both locals. They also revealed that the funding for the project will come from private entities and not from the government.

Five years ago, a referendum was also presented but it was met with rejections from the voters because the said stadium was intended to be constructed using the taxpayers’ money.

As of the moment, the two local football clubs are still using the Letzigrund athletic stadium which is considered as their home turf. The problem is that the public is not happy with the venue because of the atmosphere and also there is a big distance separating the pitch from thousands of spectators who are always present for the games.

It was in 1929 when the old Hardturm stadium started its operation but it was only used by the Grasshoppers. It was also the same stadium which hosted the games during the 1954 World Cup.

The current record holds by Grasshoppers stand at 27 Swiss titles and none of these titles have been awarded to them since their transfer to the Letzigrund stadium. They are hoping that the new stadium, while it might not be the biggest football stadium in the world, will be their lucky gem to get their 28th title.

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