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How Reviews Are Used In The SEO Strategy

A digital company that wants to attract new quality talent must encourage its employees to post King Kong SEO reviews to generate organic traffic. When employees and customers post positive reviews, they act as the salespersons of a company. However, getting those positive reviews can be rather tricky if the company does not have a good grasp of search engine optimization strategy.

Reviews are the lifeblood of local businesses. For consumers who are still considering a purchase, a positive review will influence them to make a decision. However, aside from affecting purchase decisions, reviews from GoogleMyBusiness (GMB) are also affecting SEO.  

It is worth paying attention to reviews because they represent unbiased opinions about a company. Ideally, the review must not come from the company or someone who has received payment for a positive review. Google’s affinity for reviews is the same as the way that search engines reward businesses that receive backlinks from other sites. The more people are talking about a site, the higher will be the page ranking in Google search engine results.

The rationale behind Google’s search algorithm has remained a well-kept secret although there are few things that explain how Google uses reviews in search results. Reviews that include keywords are the second biggest factor to determine whether a business will show at the top of search results. The first thing that a consumer will see when they perform a search is the local business that matches the search term.

Reviews can help a site rank through keywords. An opportunity to add SEO content is provided by questions that businesses can respond to. Like questions, answers that feature keywords will appear in search results. Savvy business owners usually take advantage of reviews because when they respond using keywords, it improves SEO ranking.

For example, King Kong SEO reviews may appear on the search results once they include the right keywords. If the digital company responds to both the positive and negative reviews with keywords, it can affect SEO rankings. However, it is important for a response to a negative review to change the perception of the customer or employee to a positive one.

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