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How To Ask For A Customer Review Through Email

Customer reviews online provide the social proof that businesses need to influence the behaviour of consumers. It makes sense for a business to have a steady stream of favourable reviews that deliver the experiences that consumers like. However, what is the best way to reach out to customers and ask for their feedback?

One of the most effective ways of generating reviews from customers is through email campaign. Requesting for reviews through email usually takes the form of customer feedback surveys. If you prefer a more straightforward and simpler process, attach a link to the page where the customer can write a review.

Reviews requests through email means the reviews are associated to transactions that actually happened where the business was able to collect email addresses. This provides the reviews with the valuable authenticity that can convert visitors to customers.

If you are trying to generate feedback regarding customer service, make sure to ask the right questions in the survey to collect the information that the business needs. Always personalize the email in a way that each recipient is individually acknowledged. The survey must not take too long to accomplish otherwise, you face the risks of respondents abandoning the survey before it is completed. Avoid unnecessary questions that customers may not understand.

It is very likely that you have come across a king kong marketing agency review from online review platforms. Employees describe the job and work culture in the digital marketing agency to attract prospective applicants. The reviews are also expected to drive more traffic to the site.