How To Choose A Company Party Venue In Bangkok

Planning a company event is a huge task that involves a thorough preparation of all aspects related to the event. Most companies organize committees to handle different areas of preparation. This is a good idea to ensure that everything is taken up. Another option in planning for a company event is hiring an event organizer to take charge of all the details of the event.

Choosing the right company party venue in Bangkok can be difficult especially if the event is during peak seasons like Christmas, festivals, sports games, and other activities. During these times, a company party venue in Bangkok might be fully booked already. However, this situation can be avoided if proper planning is implemented to make an advanced booking of a chosen venue. It is always important to know the peak and lean seasons of the year when your event falls.

Below is a checklist to guide you during your search for venues:

  1. Consider the cost

Know the exact cost of the venue before signing any contracts. Negotiating with the price is not an embarrassing thing to do, thus, negotiate whenever possible. Always confirm times, dates, and other details in a contract to avoid hassles.

  1. The location

Choose a venue in a location that is convenient for the people. Consider the availability of public transport, onsite parking, valet service, airport access, and other important factors to consider.

  1. Capacity

The venue must be able to accommodate all the expected guests on the event. A spacious venue allows guests to feel comfortable and relaxed while being able to interact freely with others. Always provide spaces for games and activities during the party.

  1. Style

Choose a venue that suits your needs. It is advisable to get a venue that matches your theme to reduce the cost of decorations.

  1. Layout

Make a proper layout of the venue considering seating arrangements, reception area, dressing room, and other important aspects that are needed.

  1. Catering

An event always has food. This can be included in the contract if the venue also can cater food to the guests. Ensure for menu tasting to be conducted and inquire if the place can provide special dietary considerations if needed.

  1. Facilities and services

Ensure the important facilities needed during the event can be served by the venue.

  1. Weather

Prepare the basic things for any weather changes if an outdoor venue is required

It is important to get the right place for holding an event. This will make the party more enjoyable and meaningful.

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