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Job site Lists The UK’s Highest Paying Professions

Job site looked at the job listings posted on its network to see which professions in the UK paid the most, and found that senior financial roles and healthcare experts were the spots with the best pay, showing that both company executives and doctors working at Affordable Dental Solutions Limerick and in other orthodontic practices were fairly close in terms of salary.

The job site analyzed more than 3,200 full-time job postings on their system in order to see which jobs had the highest annual salary. Notably, this was the first time Indeed conducted such research. They excluded certain jobs from the list, like CEOs, due to the fact that those particular postings are rarely advertised on public websites and are usually filled via headhunting agencies.

Top of the list was Chief Financial Officer, responsible for handling their organization’s financial plans and reports, which rakes in an average annual salary of £112,666 based on ads on Indeed’s site. Second place on the list is Vice President of Sales, raking in an average of £109,278 annually, followed immediately by Vice President of Engineering, with an annual average of £108,623.

The remaining 2 slots in Indeed’s top 5 were taken up by medical specialist roles. Orthodontists, the people responsible for repairing the appearance of people’s teeth, usually with the use of braces, and dermatologists; the skincare specialists, sat at 4th and 5th on the job site’s list, with annual average salaries of £99,010, and £93,282, respectively.

Notably, these jobs, along with the other high-earning medical specialist roles in Indeed’s list, all demand years of training and education. For someone to start working as an orthodontist in Affordable Dental Solutions Limerick or anywhere else in the UK, they must have 5 years of dentistry education and workplace training, on top of an additional 3 years of education for full qualification.

Indeed UK Managing Director Bill Richards noted that the high salaries for positions in the medical sector were a sign of the lack of qualified candidates, which has led to employers bumping up financial incentives in order to attract talent in the field.

Richards said that the rankings are a reflection of how acquiring advanced skills and experience is a great way to boost one’s ability to make money.