Removalists Are The Highest Paid Tradespeople

In a new data published by an online portal for service hiring, removalists took the top spot for the trades with the highest hourly fees in all of Australia. They are earning way better than household service professionals, carpenters, electricians and plumbers. According to the surveyed furniture removalists in Sydney and other parts of the country, their hourly rate in average reached $93.24 based on the most recent financial year. This figure is higher than 3.04 per cent compared to the previous year.

Removalists that are working in the NSW area are even earning better because their hourly rate reached $95.21 which is higher than the national average.

Based on the same report, the skilled people with the second highest average hourly charge are plumbers. This is based on a sample that was taken from 121,000 jobs in the financial year of 2018. Plumbers are charging an hourly average rate of $83.04 while there is also a price hike in fees charged by electricians by 4.25 per cent which puts them at $75.71 per hour.

Looking at all the skilled jobs nationwide, the one with the highest increase is general handymen because their hourly rate is 11.97 per cent which is higher than 12 months ago. Now they are enjoying an hourly rate of $56.73 as they bagged the fourth place. Carpenters took the fifth spot with $55.71 hourly rate that is 6.23 per cent higher than 2017.

Some tradespeople are earning better based on the state where they are operating. For instance, plumbers residing around NSW as well as WA are able to earn higher hourly rate with $90.83 and $92.22. Plumbers in Victoria have also raised their hourly rate average by 10.88 per cent and the same with the builders in Queensland who are earning 32.73 per cent higher than a year ago.

There are no strict trading standards followed but data were gathered through the customers that are visiting the online portal. This is good news for all furniture removalists in Sydney because many are once more interested to try the profession.

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