Rodent Infestation In Los Angeles Has Turned For The Worse

Rodents in the home or business are dangerous because they transmit diseases. If you own a food establishment and a customer sees a rodent scurrying on the floor, the restaurant will immediately gain bad reviews in social media. Don’t wait for a customer to post a rat sighting, call rat control in Brisbane for rodent eradication.

NBC4’s pictures of Ceres Avenue with mountains of trash went viral last May. The heaps of uncollected garbage that was first exposed by I-Team were cleared way. However, a week after the garbage has been cleared; I-Team saw an army of rats racing across Ceres Avenue near the Produce District. This means that the rodent population has not been controlled and it is still posing a serious risk to public health.

The rodent problem is becoming visible throughout the city. According to Niamh Quinn, Human-Wildlife Interactions Advisor with the University of California Cooperative Extension, she has never seen as many droppings after she inspected an area near Produce District. Sylvia Kenmuir, a state-licensed pest control expert said that the rodent situation is very bad.

I-Team’s cameras have spotted rats running close to people or munching on trash on the city streets and parks that families frequent with their children. NBCLA’s cameras also caught rats in homeless encampments in Venice Boulevard.

Eric Garcetti, mayor of Los Angeles has conceded that the city has to do a better job with rat control. The city has no formal program to control and manage the rodent population even if 8 months ago, rats caused a typhus epidemic. The city has put a team together to seal rat burrows on the streets.

A pest control contractor also filled rat burrows with flea powder and rodenticide and then sealed them with paper and wire mesh. However, plenty of active burrows remained with rats running to nearby businesses to search for food.

An appropriate plan will be created by rat control in Brisbane to eliminate rodents and prevent them from future activity. However, it is important for businesses to get rid of their trash properly because prevention is a more efficient and less expensive process to prevent rodent infestation in a building.

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