SGC Planning To Invest P100 Million For New Kiln

Siam Cement Group or SCG is a conglomerate from Thailand which is planning to put in P100 million in investment for a new kiln based in the Philippines. The investment is proposed to be happening this 2019 and the kiln will be used to manufacture ceramic tiles that are of high quality. These are also the same floor tiles for sale which will be launched to the public.

AnuvatChalermchai, the country director for SCG Philippines, said that the proposal is still being studied at the moment. In case it pushes through, they will be using the Mariwasa Siam Ceramics Inc but rather a subsidiary of the company. The firm is known or making ceramic tiles, cement and other building materials.

He did not agree to give a breakdown of the investment to be given but it is understood that the new kiln will pave way as the bulk is almost complete.

JakkritSuwansilp, the president of Mariwasa, said that the plan was to modernize in order for the old kin to have higher efficiency than before. The new kiln to be used will be an import coming from the country of China.

He added that if the investment is to push through this 2019, the new kiln will be used in production facility under Mariwasa which is located in Sto. Tomas, Batangas by 2020. Jakkritis excited to use the new kiln because the efficiency is said to be better and the ceramic tiles they are making are going to have the best quality. There will also be a bigger tile variant measuring 60 by 60.

Majority of the ceramic tiles that are manufactured byMariwasa are usually sold in local market. The problem now is that imported ceramic tiles are far cheaper yet their quality is not verified. The company is now pleading to the Department of Trade and Industry to require mandatory certification for tiles one of these days.

Ceramic tiles used to require certification but it no longer made it to the list along with common nails, plywood, GI sheets and flat glass. The industry is now watching out for the investment as floor tiles for sale is more likely to get cheaper and more diverse over time.

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