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Start Up Company Parti Staff Connects Party Hosts To Hospitality Staff

Stockbroker Richard Macphillamy opened Parti Staff, a startup company helping hosts with hospitality staff needing extra hands on events.

How It Works

It is easy to find good party hire in Sydney, but one thing that unfortunately happens to some companies is that they find themselves short-staffed on the day of the event.

Macphillamy says it words just like Airbnb. For example, a party hire in Sydney needs additional staff for an event. By booking staff members through Parti Staff, they can get the help they need. Partistaff will help them connect to staff members, and organise payment terms.

Payment terms are based on how much the hospitality staff earns on average depending on the area. As for Sydney,it is around $25 per hour. PartiStaff only charges their clients around $20 for their service.

By combining technology with a pool of skilled staff members, PartiStaff is able to provide quality help for party hosts.

Their Market

Macphillamy explains that majority of their clients are for private events around Sydney. By the summer of their first year in operation, they have already been processing about 120 jobs per month.

How It Started

The founder explains that he was inspired by his own experience. He sometimes experienced hosting parties that were short-staffed, and he ended up not enjoying and relaxing at the event because of it. He tried posting jobs online, but was not happy with the user experience.

So, he took matters to his own hands and started PartiStaff. He wanted to ensure the quality of the service— something that the current system couldn’t provide. He further explains that before, posting a job and hiring someone lacked assurance, as he couldn’t even tell what the staff looked like, or if they had experience. Parti Staff clients can now hire someone as quickly as an hour and a half.

They even offer full refund because they don’t want the hosts to spend for something they don’t like, or something they deem underserving.

How It Grew

PartiStaff grew mostly through word of mouth at the beginning. Macphillamy is hoping for repeat jobs and new users and customers all over Australia in the following months.

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