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Team Building Exercises Most Suited For An Accounting Staff

The concept of team building exercises may make one remember the trust concerns and clumsy ice-breakers. However, the real team building is a crucial element towards the success of several companies. The team building exercises will mold the group skills, bonding and communication. They form a certain connection which lasts a long time and will emphasise the efficiency and productivity of every staff member. In this article are options on how accounting managers and their staff can do team building activities.

First Exercise: Accounting Jeopardy

It’s a team building game which is popular and can be easily learned. The managers can share their information in an interesting and exciting way. To play this game, the group is divided among teams. The teams then take turns in responding to questions to make points. The team is inspired to compete with others to promote participation and engagement. The topics of the questions may be related to daily routines or may include personal stories and facts about careers and accomplishments.

Second Exercise: Accountants Building Structures

As most finance and accounting employees work independently, this team building exercise can be utilised as an opportunity to mold their teamwork skills. In this exercise, every accounting staff is tasked to cooperate and communicate with their team members, so they can construct a structure like a building or bridge using common household items like newspapers, cardboard tubes, marshmallows, popsicle sticks and strings. This activity will test their problem-solving and communication skills. The activity is timed and when it’s up, the group will progressively add weight to the structures. The last one to fall is eventually the winner.

Third Exercise: Taking a Field Trip

A great way for team building examples is having a corporate retreat. If you have your employees out from their usual work routines and into a new environment, they can spend more time with each other in a different way while enjoying it. Off-site events are perfect for training seminars or brainstorming sessions. They can have fresher outlooks that make them more motivated and productive once they’re back to work.

So, if you’re finding ways to keep your staff interested in work, or build a top-notched team of accountants, find some team building providers online and see what they can do for your company.

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