Tesla Decides To Sell Solar Roofs Online Only

If you will ask the roof tiler in Sydney regarding the best roofing solution, the answer will be slate roofing. Slate roofs are more expensive compared to other options because they can last for more than a hundred years. Besides, longevity, slate roofs are impressive, classy and beautiful. It is also an ideal choice for homes in places that are at risk of wildfires.

Speaking of roofs, whatever happened to Tesla’s solar roofs? Elon Musk, Chief Executive of Tesla recently announced the closure of many of its stores around the world. This decision has raised a red flag over the future of solar roofs that are being sold on the retail outlets.

Tesla’s latest decision has dealt crippling blows to the solar business. Elon Musk has also pulled the plug on its partnership with Home Depot. According to Frank Gillet, principal analyst of Forrester Research, the decision seems like it was rushed which can hurt the company from a marketing point of view.

When Tesla made an offer for SolarCity, a solar panel sales and installation company, stock prices were down 70% from its all-time high. However the acquisition will allow Tesla to offer cars and solar energy systems. However, Tesla made Model 3 sedan as its priority and closed about a dozen of the solar installation facilities.

The closure of the retail stores meant that sales of solar products around the world will be online only. According to a Tesla spokesperson, majority of the company’s solar for residential and Powerall orders happen outside the retail stores. The shift to online retailing results to a more seamless customer experience in the industry.

Last November, Tesla cut the prices of residential solar systems by as much as 25% to represent average savings between $3,000 and $5,000. The shift to online sales could unlock additional cost efficiencies.

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