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Three In Every Four Britons Are Financially Unsure

According to a new survey conducted, three-fourths of the participants, all of whom are British, admitted that they worry regarding their financial status at the moment. One in every five out of all the 2,000 individuals polled revealed that they have no life savings they can use in case of emergency.

Two in every three said that they are anxious thinking about the future in case they were laid off from their jobs or if they have unexpected bills to pay.

Salary Finance’s chief executive, Asesh Sarkar who has been given the authority to lead the study, said that money problem is affecting around 40 per cent of the workforce in the United Kingdom. Think of those people who are just living payday to payday and then when they are struck with unexpected bills or if they lose their jobs for some reason, these situations can lead to a lot of stress for them.

It is not easy for every individual to save so they have a fund to use in emergencies. If the task was so easy, every person on this planet will have their own savings account. Still it does not discount the fact that it can relieve some of the pressure and prevent the need to get a high cost loans in case they need money for emergency. The bottom line is that they lessen the financial worries they have.

Based on the same study, one in every four respondents admitted that they will have a hard time if they are to have a sick leave with no pay while 23 per cent said that they cannot afford to pay for their boiler in case it broke down unexpectedly.

The 26 per cent are thinking they will not be able to pay any car repair bill if it comes without warning, 22 per cent worries about a large payment needed for utility bill while 12 per cent are thinking about the money they will need for Christmas. The advice to avoid unexpected boiler break down, it to find this company through their website and have the boiler checked regularly. Maintenance is cheaper than the actual repair or worse replacement of parts.

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