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 Tips On Becoming A Successful And Effective Diving Instructor

Love diving? Getting accredited as a certified scuba diver is now easier to attain by undergoing training sessions, but becoming an instructor may be something else.

Individuals interested in becoming divers or diving instructors can now enrol in programs such as PADI Dive Instructor Courses and the likes. However, being successful in the field needs a bit more than the training itself.

Be Optimistic

Being a passionate, caring, positive, and having great sense of humour and patience are all important teaching attributes. How you carry yourself and how you relate to your students through your attitude plays a huge role in maintaining not only rapport, but also good relationship between an instructor and a student. By remaining optimistic, you encourage your students to work hard despite the challenges they may face while learning.

Be Passionate

This is something that even the best PADI Dive Instructor Courses in the world cannot teach: passion. A passionate instructor talks about their lessons with such enthusiasm and interest that their students feel compelled to listen and engage wholeheartedly. Diving is not just about diving safely and making it back to land in one piece— it is about enjoying the marine life and the freedom of exploring the waters, and a passionate instructor could easily teach that through his or her words and actions.

Be Patient

Teaching, in all different fields, require patience, more so when teaching skills like diving, which may save or put people’s lives in danger. A good diving instructor has a lot of patience in dealing with different kinds of learners, especially those who have no proper experience in it. Some may feel anxious about going underwater, or may have trouble controlling their breaths, and all these things are normal when learning how to dive. A patient instructor understands this, and guides the students, never forcing them to do something unsafe. A common example of this is when cleaning the water when its gets inside the mask while underwater. Some instructors, frustrated, would send their students home after failed attempts, but successful instructors would help their students over and over again, sometimes even privately and without pay just to help the student achieve his or her goals. A patient instructor is willing to go the extra mile for his or her student.

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