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Tips To Take Care Of Your Dentures

Dentures are a great option to replace missing teeth and restore your confidence. There are many types of dentures such as fixed, removable, partial and full dentures. Whatever may be the type of denture, it needs proper care and maintenance to ensure that they retain their shine and are durable.

Here are some tips given by Limerick dentures experts to keep your dentures looking like new.

  • Remove the Dentures and Rinse Them After Every Meal

Remove the dentures after eating to remove the food particles and other debris that get stuck in them. Remove them and place them under running water to clean food particles. Wipe them with a clean and dry towel before placing them again.

  • Handle Them Carefully

While cleaning the dentures, you have to handle them carefully. Do not drop them or bend the clasps while cleaning. You can fill the sink with water to ensure that the dentures are not damaged if you drop them accidentally.

  • Clean your Mouth Before Replacing the Dentures

Every time you remove the dentures, clean your mouth thoroughly. Use a soft bristled brush to clean the roof, gum, cheeks and tongue. This step will help you to improve the overall oral hygiene and maintain a clean and healthy mouth.

  • Brush Your Dentures At least Once a Day

You have to thoroughly clean the dentures at least once in a day. Use a soft bristled brush and a non-abrasive cleanser for dentures. Soak them in water and brush them with a soft hand to remove plaque, debris and other accumulated food particles and denture adhesive. However, you should not use the denture cleanser in your mouth.

  • Soak Removable Dentures Overnight

If you are using removable dentures and remove them at night, keep in mind to soak them in a specialized denture solution. Dentures need to be moist to ensure that they retain their shape. Follow the instructions of your Limerick dentures expert about the soaking solution. Rinse the dentures thoroughly by placing them under running water before you replace them inside the mouth.

  • Schedule Regular Check-ups

You have to schedule regular visits to the orthodontist office. The orthodontist will examine the dentures and how they fit. Moreover, they will also get the dentures cleaned professionally.

Following these tips religiously will help you to improve the durability of the Limerick dentures. You have to see your dentist, immediately if there is any irritation or soreness in the gums or the dentures slip continuously.



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