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Types Of Outpatient Rehab Programs

Substance abuse is a chronic condition and requires immediate treatment. Patients suffering with addiction issues face negative consequences in work as well as professional lives. Addiction needs proper treatment and a rehabilitation center is the best place to cure addiction.

While severe addiction requires inpatient rehab treatment, mild abuse in the early stages can be treated with California Outpatient Rehab. The outpatient rehab is suitable for patients with busy schedules and do not have the time to check-in to an inpatient program.

The outpatient programs require the patient to visit the California Outpatient Rehab regularly throughout the duration of the program. They have to attend the therapy sessions according to a predetermined schedule. Outpatient programs also require the patient to check-in to the rehab for a limited time to undergo medication and counselling.

The treatment plan of outpatient programs varies in different rehabilitation centers. But all of them are focused on educating the patients on the consequences of addiction, counselling them to know the triggers and helping the patients to deal with triggers without resorting to substance abuse and providing support to these patients. There are three types of programs offered by the California Outpatient Rehab centers.

  • Day programs involve patients meeting the outpatient rehab every day 5 to 7 days in a week. They undergo therapy, counselling and participate in different alternate therapy sessions to relieve stress like music therapy and yoga.
  • The intensive outpatient programs require the patients to meet at the Outpatient Rehab for a few hours every week. They undergo counselling, group therapies, education to prevent relapse and attendance to support groups.
  • Continuing care programs are support programs for patients who have overcome addiction issues. These groups meet regularly and discuss various problems faced by the members and come up with solutions to overcome them. These group sessions are generally facilitated by a licensed therapist.

The California outpatient Rehab is most suitable for patients in the early stages of addiction, with a strong will to come out of it. Patients with good discipline and commitment to recover from addiction, benefit from this program. The affordability, flexibility and support offered by these programs make them the preferred choice for many patients suffering with addiction.

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