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Why Businesses Must Consider Video Marketing For High ROI

Recently, consumers have noticed that marketing has gone visual. There are reviews on YouTube to promote products and services and enhance online reputation. Aside from reviews, consumers are now exposed to visual testimonials, tutorials, interviews, vlogs, product demonstrations and product presentations.

According to current video marketing statistics, about 80% of video marketing receive positive ROI. Returns on investment are in the form of money and positive aspects like lead generation, increase in traffic and overall conversions. Revenues gained from videos on social media are highly satisfactory.

At least 89% of people in the United States are watching online video content every month. They are watching videos through desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices. This means that marketers must optimize their video for all screen sizes and devices. Videos are popular all over world but the top video watchers are Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

At least 99% of marketers who have used video in the past are using them again this year. Since marketers will not intentionally repeat a marketing strategy that is not effective, it proves that videos are an important part of a marketing strategy.

For a long time, it was generally assumed that the attention span of humans is only 5 to 7 seconds. Two thirds of video ads run for 30 seconds but they consistently hold the viewers attention up to the last second. Videos are getting longer but consumers are still watching them. Videos that last from 45 seconds to 60 seconds are expected to become a major trend in the coming years.

On Twitter, a video is more likely to be re-tweeted than a photo. Facebook receives more than 8 million videos everyday with 34% of marketers using the platform’s live-stream option. YouTube is the biggest platform for videos with 500 hours of new videos every minute.

Research results indicate that videos are highly effective marketing tool. You can watch kingkong com au review on YouTube to learn more about marketing strategies that can generate amazing results. Consumers are more responsive to videos because they only need a few seconds of attention to understand the message it wishes to convey.